Program presentation

Spéos and The National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP) have teamed up to create a unique and exclusive Sports Photography program. INSEP is the reference operator of high performance sport in France since 1965. In the heart of the Bois de Vincennes in Paris, 28 hectares are devoted to the preparation of the elite of French sports. This center brings together the best athletes and offer them the most modern infrastructures and equipment in order to train them in an optimal way: 21 poles of activity gathering 26 Olympic and Paralympic disciplines thus make of the INSEP one of the largest sports centers in the world.
This intensive program takes place in Paris in 1 year, from October to September of the following year, in English.

Practical information

Structure of the program

1st semester
2nd semester
End-of-year exhibition
Expert modules + Arles International Photo Festival

Course description

Courses - semester I
Courses - semester II
Expert modules and Arles

Enrollment and Contact

Registrations are open all year round and are subject to availability.
You can send your application via the online enrollment form.

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