Paris Match 2020 Student Photoreporting Prize: 2 Spéos students pre-selected!

Pedro Mendes Levier was selected for his series "Piégés" and Parag Gopale was selected for his series "Il ne s'agissait pas d'amour".

2020-07-09T17:05:26+02:00July 8th, 2020|Award, Photo|

End-of-the-year 2020 Exhibition: exclusively online

Find all the works of Spéos 2020 photographers on the website dedicated to the exhibition.

2020-07-08T01:25:41+02:00July 8th, 2020|Photo|

French borders to reopen!

Starting on July 1st, international students will be allowed to enter the French territory, regardless of their country of origin.

2020-06-16T16:00:06+02:00June 16th, 2020|Photo|
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