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Each year, as part of the lecture series, and during the Expert Modules, Spéos invites numerous lecturers who count among the main protagonists of the market, as well as former students who have become renowned professionals.

We wish to thank for their presence during the academic year 2018-2019:

Valentin Abad
Akatre Creative Studio Director

Jane-Evelyn Atwood

Christophe Audebert
Photographer, Writer, Spéos Alumni

Martina Bacigalupo
Picture Editor, 6Mois Magazine

Martín Barzilaï

Marc Beaussart
Still Life photographer, Spéos Alumni

Dimitri Beck
Editor-in-chief Polka Magazine

Léa Bernard
Agent, Poly-Paris

Tari Beroszi
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Virginie Bled
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Eva Bodinet
Archive Director & Licensing Manager, Magnum Photos

Samuel Bollendorf
Photographer and film director

Clarisse Bourgeois
Production Manager, Digital, Magnum Photos

Hervé Bruhat
Photography instructor, Member of the Gamma-Rapho Agency

Sara Byström

Christophe Calais
Content Director, Magnum Photos

Aurore Campbell
Visual Trend Forecast 2019 from Adobe Stock

Valérie Cazin
Galerie Binôme Director

Antoine d’Agata
Photographer, Magnum Photos

Inès de Bordas
Art director, Silence Publishing

Geoffroy De Groismenu

Marjolijn De Groot
Dutch photographer based in Paris

Carl de Keyzer

Isabelle de Lagasnerie
Head of Photo Department, La Croix

Cristina de Middel
Photographer (Associate), Magnum Photos

Denis Delbecq

Olivier Djalayer
CGI Artist / 3D Director / Model Maker

Claudine Doury
Photographer, Agence VU’

Fabrice Dunou
Photographer, Alumni

Una Duval
Agent, Poly-Paris

Thomas Dworzak
Photographer, Magnum Photos

Wilfrid Esteve
Hans Lucas Director

Sylvie Etchémaïté
Art buyer

Pierre Fernandez
Multimedia Content Manager, AFP

Stuart Franklin
Photographer at Magnum Photos

Mélanie-Jane Frey

Jessica Fulford-Dobson

Shannon Ghannam
Global Education Director, Magnum Photos

Susan Glen
Former magazine photo editor for the Independent Magazine

Sebastian Hau
Photobook specialist, photo critic, curator, Magnum Photos

Elisabeth Hoiberg
Contributor Relations Executive – Alamy Stock

Ian Holmes
Wedding Photographer

Andrea Holzherr
Global Exhibitions Director, Magnum Photos

Claudia Huidobro
Visual artist

Caroline Hunter
Photo editor of Guardian Weekend Magazine

Sohrab Hura
Photographer, Magnum Photos

Alessandro Iovino
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Richard Kalvar
Photographer, Magnum Photos

Cloé Kerhoas Özmen
Photo editor, Magnum Photos

Nikandre Koukoulioti
Advertising Development Manager France & Europe, Magnum Photos

Frédéric Lafargue
Senior reporter / Photojournalist

Jean-Guilhem Lamberti
Art director

Marie Lelièvre
Photo Editor, Le Monde

Valérie Leonard
French-American Photographer

Photo Agent

Souad Mechta
Photo Editor

Lorenzo Meloni
Photographer, Magnum Photos

Alex Michanol
Producer, Paris Media Prod

Martin Middlebrook
Photographer, writer, director

Nicolas Mignani
Advertising photographer – My Way Studios

Enrico Mochi
Digital Manager, Magnum Photos

Florence Moll
Photo Agent

Anaïs Montevecchi
Le décodeur d’art contemporain

Gabrielle Motola
Photographer & Writer, Spéos Alumni

Riccardo Olerhead

Emin Özmen
Photographer (nominee), Magnum Photos

Giulietta Palumbo
Content Editor & Production, Magnum Photos

Pierre Pankotay

Pierre Perrin
Documentary photographer, reportage, architecture – ZOKO Productions

Coline Plancon
Education & Cultural Project Manager, Magnum Photos

Elise Prudhomme
Photographer, Director of Studio Galerie B&B

Marc Prüst
Photography consultant and Curator

Aline Pujo
Curator, Magnum Photos

Christine Raffray
Accountant / Tax advisor

Pauline Sain
General Manager at Magnum Photos Paris

Philippe Schlienger

John Schults
Senior Editor in Charge of France Picture desk, Reuters Pictures

Karen Seror
Marketing Manager, Adobe Stock

Mahesh Shantaram
Photographer, Agence VU’

Anna Strickland
“Learning how to see” instructor for students at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Didier Tcherkachine

Sanjyot Telang
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Ambroise Tezenas

Céline Travers
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

French Union of Professional Photographers

Ksenia Usacheva
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Hélène Védrenne
Specialists in historical processes: Wet collodion and Daguerreotype

Alexa Von Arnim
Creative Consultant, Alumni Spéos

Jo Yarrington
Professor, Fairfield University

Patrick Zachmann
Photographer at Magnum Photos

Claudia Zels
Photo Editor

Azadeh Zoraghi
Narcisse Magazine Director

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