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Each year, as part of the lecture series and during the Expert Modules, Spéos invites numerous lecturers who count among the main protagonists of the market, as well as former students who have become renowned professionals, in order to allow the students to meet the profession during their studies.

We wish to thank for their presence during the academic year 2021-2022:

Alexandre Arminjon
Gens d’Images

Jane Evelyn Atwood

Martina Bacigalupo
Picture Editor, 6Mois Magazine

Baptiste Baradat
Producer, P.Y.T. Paris

Martín Barzilaï

Samuel Bollendorf
Photographer and film director

Laurence Boué
Photo Agent

José Branchard
Engineer, Canon

Ruben Brulat
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Joe Bunni

Valérie Chauffour
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Eileen Cho
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Céline Clanet

Stéphane Cojot-Goldberg

Alain Cornu

Ana Cruz Yábar
Manager Endowment Fund Magnum Photos

Guillaume Cuvillier
Marketing Photo Pro & B2B Manager, Sony

Antoine d’Agata
Photographer at Magnum Photos

Inès de Bordas
Art director, Silence Publishing

Denis Delbecq

Antoine Doyen

Ludovic Drean
Pro Business Manager, Nikon

Tiago-Minh Duong Morlot
Social Fluide

Nicolas Fretelliere
Director, Goodkids Agency

Vincent Gapaillard
Still life Photographer

Grand Prix 2021 du Photo Reportage Etudiant
Paris Match

Elaine Harris
Artist agent, production manager

Mat Hayward
Adobe Stock Artist Evangelist

François Hébel
Curator, Director of Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation

Jean-Baptiste Henimann
Photo editor, Agence VU’

Ian Holmes
Wedding Photographer

Robert Hyde
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Corin Jones
Senior Content Executive – Alamy Stock

Mine Kasapoglu
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Bart Koetsier

Stacey Lamb
Photographer, Spéos Alumni

Jean-Guilhem Lamberti
Art director

Le Barreau des Arts
Legal aid for visual artists

Laurent Le Crabe
Photographer, Digital Consultant

Sylvaine Lecoeur
Commercial Director Pixways

Marie Lelièvre
Photo Editor, Le Monde

Jean-François Leroy
Director of the Visa pour l’image Festival

Elodie Matyjasik
Creative Director, More and Me Agency

Antoaneta Metchanova
Creative Director

Alex Michanol
Producer, Paris Media Prod

Pierre Morel

Liza Moura
Photographer, Sp