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Program presentation

The Title of Photographer RNCP level 7 in 2 years is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in photography, with a particular emphasis on the business management of the profession.

This program is registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) by decree of February 25th, 2016 — published in the Journal Officiel of March 17th, 2016.

The title of photographer RNCP level 7 awarded by Spéos represents the highest level of professional training qualification for photographers, equivalent to a Bac+5.

This program in 2 years allows students to master the photographic technique in all its artistic and technical dimensions. They are able to produce their own portfolio for professional use.

The Title of Photographer level I in 2 years comprises 3 phases:
– The Professional Photography in 2 years Program, from September to May (semesters I and II) and from September to May of the following year (semesters III and IV).
– The Expert Modules, in June and July of the second year.
– The planning and elaboration of the Professional Project, from June to September.

Top-level professionals hold the courses and monitor the students’ individual acquisition of skills. Outside of class, students independently organize their shooting sessions and post-production, with the continual guidance of their supervisors. Particular attention is paid to the synchronization of subject matters taught in the different courses.

The Title of Photographer RNCP level I and 7 is also accessible via a VAE procedure (“Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience” — a French procedure by means of which work experience can be translated into educational levels). For further information, please contact us.

Next session: September 2021-July 2023
Campus: Paris or London
Language of instruction: French, English (subject to a minimum of participants)

Per year tuition for the program in French:
– France, European Union nationals: € 11,450
– International students: € 13,750
Per year tuition for the program in English:
– France, European Union nationals: € 11,750
– International students: € 13,750

Diploma: Title of Photographer RNCP level 7 – code NSF 323 t
This title is registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) by decree of 25 February 2016 – published in the Journal Officiel of March 17th, 2016.
> Know more about the professional certification RNCP level 7 (PDF)

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Structure of the program

The first step is the Professional Photography in 2 years Program.
Students will acquire all current skills and techniques within professional photography and put them into practice: photo reportage, studio photography, fashion photography, corporate photography, image management and publication.

The Expert Modules (held in English only) aim at deepening the students’ previous knowledge and skills in those areas that are most demanded by the professional market. Each module takes place over several weeks, in June and July of the second year of the program.

Courses and conferences are taught by experienced and recognized professionals who share their experience and know-how from their respective fields of expertise. These speakers emphasize the practical ownership of these skills and offer students valuable experience gain for their own personal projects.
See the list of lecturers year by year.

In July, the students participate in the design and creation of a magazine featuring their own photographic work to promote their achievements. This magazine is entirely designed by and for the students, with an editorial written by one of them.

The third step is the Professional Project, during which students reflect on their position at the beginning of their career and write their business plan. This stage runs in parallel with the Expert Modules, from June to September.

Course description

See the complete and detailed information of the Professional Photography in 2 years Program.

June-July of the second year
Expert Modules can only be followed once the Professional Photography in 2 years Program has been completed. Students can enroll immediately after completing the program, or return to Spéos to complement their training in the following year(s).

The Expert Modules deal with the business of photography (management, commercial approach and publication of photos). Students also follow the Expert Module of their specialty:
Advanced Studio for studio specialization,
Advanced Photo Reportage for photo reportage specialization.

Expert Module: the Photo Business 
Duration: 5 weeks in 2 parts
Different experts present the business management of all kinds of activities linked to professional photography. The module gives an overview of the photographic professions and the market, copyright legislation, marketing, accounting and financial management within the field of photography.
This module also allows students to deepen their knowledge in the domains of image management and publication, which are presented from the point of view of independent photographers, photo agencies and image banks. Students also encounter picture researchers/image buyers working for publishing houses and advertising agencies, art directors and photo agents. Throughout the module, they acquire in-depth knowledge about the various possibilities to syndicate their own image stocks. And – last but not least – they get a practical overview of how to efficiently use social media for photographers.

Expert Module: Advanced Studio Photography — Professional Portfolio Development
Duration: 3 weeks (takes place at the same time as the Expert Module Advanced Photo Reportage)
Participants focus on developing their portfolio in professional work situations which correspond to their individual intentions and chosen specialisation, including fashion, portrait, advertising, and fine art photography. Numerous partnerships with luxury and fashion brands (Lacoste, Longchamp, Issey Miyake, Bulgari, etc.) allow for a complete, hands-on understanding of the production process from start to finish, including direct feedback from the client and the possibility for publication.

Expert Module: Advanced Photo Reportage
Duration: 3 weeks (takes place at the same time as the Expert Module Advanced Studio)
Photo reportage is analyzed from the point of view of agencies, dailies, magazines, and independent photographers. Participants meet professionals working in the fields of image purchase, sales and editing within various kinds of media (print and web). Through these exchanges, they learn how to position them selves and to efficiently prepare their entry into the professional world. Several meetings will be held at professionals’ workplaces.

Design and creation of a magazine 
In July, the students participate in the design and creation of a magazine featuring their own photographic work to promote their achievements.
This magazine is entirely designed by and for the students: graphic design and production, construction of the dummy, layout, editorial and delivery of the print file.
The students are accompanied to select the images and understand the editorial creation:
– introduction to the field of publishing,
– presentation of dummy and flatplan,
– group and individual discussions with all students: final choice of  photos from their selection, test integration of the photos into the layout, evaluation of different possibilities for the final layout.

June-September of the second year
During the Expert Modules, the students equally plan and elaborate their own business approach, to be implemented after their training at Spéos.

Through regular exchanges with their instructors, they are guided in their career choice, business strategy, 
market research, and obtain the necessary skills in marketing, financial and legal matters, so as to set up their own business plan.
At the end of July, the main points of their business plan are presented to a first jury, which evaluates the project’s relevance and feasibility.

During the summer, the students improve and fine-tune their projects, which need to be submitted at the end of September as a written business plan. A second jury evaluates and grades the final project.

Enrollment and Contact

Registrations are open all year round and are subject to availability.
Feel free to contact Spéos if you have any questions about this photography program.
At any time you are most welcome to come and visit the school, just make an appointment!

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