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Liza Moura


After a course in Art History, I wanted to immerse myself in Photography. At Spéos, I was precisely oriented towards finding my own photographic and visual identity. I followed the Professional Photography in 2 years program. I had the opportunity to have highly qualified professionals as teachers, real masters in photography who transmitted me a knowledge that I had never imagined existed before entering school!

The photojournalism team is excellent, it transmits not only the technique but also the passion. This school opened me to a different world. It’s a unique experience.

Through Spéos, I had the opportunity to know the Paris Match Student Grand Prix where I submitted my final study project (a series entitled “Jaurès, the corner of hope”) and I won the Public Prize with the most voted report!
With this work, I was also chosen to exhibit in Arles with the BYOPaper project. It was a good start.

At Spéos, the exchange of experiences is constant, not only with the teachers, but also with the other students. I met people from all over the world and I made friends that I will keep forever.

I highly recommend the Spéos School to anyone looking for a high level of training and a memorable experience. Many thanks to the Spéos team and in particular to Phillippe Bachelier, Ana Cruz and Leonardo Antoniadis.

Robert Hyde

United States

The Spéos/Magnum Creative Documentary program was exactly what I needed; a fast-track to a professional photography practice.

The administrative team at Spéos is highly competent and the teachers and guest lecturers know their fields intimately. The workshops at Magnum were instructive, inspiring and formative and the staff was warmly welcoming.

Invitations to exclusive Magnum events and the opportunity to collaborate with students in Germany and Denmark were unexpected pleasures.

Penelope Thomaidi


Studying at the Creative Documentary and Photojournalism 1-year course with Spéos and Magnum Photos has been an intensive and very productive experience that widened my understanding of both the photographic practice and the photographic industry.

Learning on the side of Magnum photographers and recognized professionals of the industry was a great privilege. We were encouraged to be critical towards our production and challenged to overcome difficulties in order to get the most out of our photography. The development of our graduation long-term project was quite a life-changing experience.

While every class with Magnum gave food for thought related to the way we take pictures, Spéos teachers taught us how to organize our production and be prepared to meet the standards of the professional world. At the end of the course, a series of lectures and portfolio reviews was a unique chance to meet in person important players of the French photographic world.

The human approach and the kindness of most of the people we interacted with, was itself a source of inspiration which makes me to consider myself lucky to have studied with Spéos and Magnum Photos.

Shortly after the course, I became member of a photographer’s collective and I feel that the experiences and the relationships that started in Paris are the best beginning for my professional activity.

Adam DelGiudice

United States

My experience studying at Magnum & Spéos International Photography School has been a dream come true and a life experience I will always remember. Under the guidance and critical eye of some of the titans of documentary photography I’ve grown as both a photographer and a person. There is no substitute for experience and this experience has been life changing, to be able to do workshops with the photographers I look up to and to have my work critiqued by them has honed my talents allowed me to solidify my vision. I will have graduated this program changed for the better and am extremely grateful to everyone at Magnum both the photographers and the gracious and hospitable staff at the agency for giving me this incredible opportunity to nurture and develop my passion for photojournalism.

Lance Laurence

United States

Through my time in the Magnum Photos & Spéos International Photography School Creative and Documentary storytelling Master Class, I learned how to better organize a photographic essay and how I could make a series stylistically coherent. Before I came for the program I just made “pretty pictures.” They often times looked as if they were created by different photographers and they didn’t offer much deeper insights. Now I have a much better understanding of how to create a story that is structured well and conveys a narrative that resonates with viewers.

Antonia Sehlstedt


It has been a beautiful experience in many ways, to grow and be challenged throughout this year with the guidance of teachers, storytellers, photographers and staff of Spéos International Photography School and Magnum Photos, all representing and passing on a deep love and respect for photography. I hope all aspiring artists, all aspiring everything will have the opportunity to do a workshop with someone their work speaks to. I think it is very important to find a mentor, a guru. I discovered many great photographers during the year but above all great people, passionate about what they are doing and about bringing good work and journalism to the world and that’s really what it all comes down to. Special thank you, Susan Meiselas and Stanley Greene.

Taushik Mandal


During the time when I was finalizing a career change from Engineering to Photography, my research got me to Spéos Paris. What appealed to me most was the school’s high ranking and a very informative website with Alumni listing.

This Alumni Directory is crucial as it allows prospective students to look up past scholar’s portfolios and gauge the progress made after a stint at Spéos. There is no doubt that Spéos Alumni have stunning portfolios and a similar aspiration shaped my decision to sign up for the Professional photography in 1 year program back in 2016.

I particularly enjoyed study topics in Printing techniques, Photojournalism, Visual Identity, Image Management/Publication and Styling for commercial photography assignments.

Living in Paris in itself is a great education in art and history. The city is a massive art gallery and the numerous museum visits and gallery openings that I attended further shaped my education. Not to forget my fellow artists who were making the same journey as me, living, collaborating and enjoying with them the slices of life taught me so much more too.

I highly recommend this whole experience to anyone who is willing to shift out of their comfort zone and make or add photography to their personal and professional art practice. Furthermore, I also recommend being open to new experiences, I could write a book on mine but yours could be the next volume in the series!