Raul Guillermo


At my arrival at Spéos, I was already doing photography as a hobby for quite some time. However, I knew that I needed to explore further, especially because I was not sure if I wanted to pursue documentary or fashion photography. I visited the school before enrolling into the Professional Photography in 1 year program and I found it perfect for what I needed. I also liked the idea that you are able to follow classes both in photojournalism and fashion, and for the second part of the program decide to specialize in one. My time in Spéos taught me to open my eyes and embrace the unknown.

All the experiences and people made me evolve in my way of seeing, they taught me to open myself and move forward. Today, thanks to this period of my life, I feel more confident and determined on accomplishing my projects, to go deeper on subjects and to talk about my work easily.

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