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Nicholas Simenon, “Silence has fallen, Winter”

Nicholas Simenon presents “Silence has fallen, Winter” at the Speos Gallery – 7 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris, from January 17 to February 24, 2017.

In the winter that never gets tired, with felted step, like a wolf, in the fog the silence appears. Insensibly touching brown and gray, black and white, in an almost Japanese calligraphy, it slips into the density of a slightly blue haze, dancing in the shadow of trees through the parallels of the trunks, dizzy. It loses itself, imperceptibly in the pallor of the snow with strange contrasts, between two worlds, between two times, in a forgotten nature, it goes astray. Bewildered he embraces the paths, hears a dream with the incandescence of a spring reborn with the gleams of jade, and dream of an azure lake …

In his delicately intimate images, as an echo to the great Russian landscape artists Fyodor Vasiliev, Isaak Levitan, Vasily Backcheyev and Arkhip Kouindji’s distant forest, Nicholas Simenon elegantly delivers his secret winter, rustling with silence, full of calm and rich mystery. Where the black is never really total and where the white, slightly tinted, reveals the hope of a new clarity. In these impenetrable and icy landscapes, where man is closer to his fragility, a red glow, like a heart, infallibly symbolizes life.
Text by Marianne Anska

Nicholas Simenon is an independent photographer currently based in New York, where he continues to study photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology after completing the 24-week program at Spéos in 2014.

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