William Waterworth

Great Britain

I didn’t want to partake in a 3-year course as it seemed like a waste of time. So the Professional Photography in 1 year program at Spéos was just right for me. I was looking for a short and efficient program. I entered the school knowing nothing, and came out knowing enough to tackle the bigger picture.

The intense schedule suited me and got me out of bed in the morning and working. Within a couple of months, I’d transferred to solely black and white and was picking up a vague style through the help of my Visual Identity teacher. That certain class pushed me to take more pictures and I slowly got addicted.

Technically I knew nothing, didn’t know what ISO meant or how the camera functioned to gain a correct exposure, or how to edit a photo. So the technical classes helped me a lot.

Being away from home at Spéos put me out my comfort zone and shook me up in a good way. Being disorientated in a city you’re unfamiliar with tests you photographically.

The course fundamentally helped me find my agent in Paris and put me forward to Prix Picto de la Mode where I came third. Coming 3rd enabled free printing and resulted in my first photographic exhibition in London last year!

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