Valerio Geraci, Young Talents First Prize FIPC2015 (International Festival of Culinary Photography)

The FIPC2015 Young Talents First Prize (International Festival of Culinary Photography) was awarded to photographer Valerio Geraci (Spéos Paris Photographic Institute) and Chef Irven Ni (Le Cordon Bleu Paris).

The theme of the competition was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, following the Universal Exhibition MILANO 2015. The jury — chaired by Freddy Thiburce, General Manager of the Culinary Center of Rennes, consisted of Como Chérisey, Director General Gault & Millau, Hubert Taillard, festival photographer and Jean-Pierre PJ Stephan, founder president of the International Culinary Photography Festival — rewarded the collaboration between Italian photographer Valerio Geraci, student at Spéos Paris Photographic Institute, and Chinese/English chef Irven Ni, student of Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

The presented photo “Algae: the raw material of the future” is presented without any post processing. It shows the Nori algae in its purity and simplicity: the algae are a practical and healthy food and energy resource for the future of the planet.

Valerio Geraci is an Italian photographer born in 1988 in Palermo, Sicily. After having worked as a lawyer for leading law firms, he graduated from Spéos in 2015. He is based in Paris.

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