Three Spéos students selected for the Grand Prix du Photoreportage Étudiant Paris Match 2022

The Grand Prix Photoreportage Étudiant Paris Match aims at rewarding the curiosity and the involvement of students towards the world they live in. This year, three Spéos students have been selected. Votes are open for the Public Prize until May 31, 2022. Vote for them!

Antoine Wdo, “A race for life”
Antoine Wdo proposes a dive in the heart of the thoracic surgery department of the Foch Hospital, in Suresnes, where he was able to follow and accompany surgeon Francesco Cassiano and Charlotte, his intern, to the operating room. By all means of transport, they travel all over France at all hours of the day and night to fetch, collect, bring back and finally reimplant new lungs in their patients. A real race for life then begins.
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Manan Sheth, “The Cola Bunder shipyard”
Manan Sheth reports on the life of the workers at the Cola Bunder shipyard, who work from dawn to dusk, with virtually no rest time. Working in dangerous conditions in and under these large ships, they suffer the unhealthy consequences of prolonged exposure to welding fumes and heatstroke due to the high temperatures inside the ship’s metal constraints.
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Emma Da Silva, “The world of the racehorse”
Through this report on the horse world, Emma Da Silva seeks to show the different highlights surrounding racehorses: the daily life of trainer Giada Menato located in Lamorlaye, as well as jockeys, owners, and all those who surround racehorses to make them evolve. The world of horses is not limited to racing.
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Spéos warmly congratulates these three selected candidates, a big bravo to them!

© Antoine Wdo
© Manan Sheth
© Emma Da Silva

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