Become a photographer at Speos school

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Spéos offers professional training covering all domains within the photography profession.
Studio photographer: fashion photographer, beauty, portrait, still life or culinary.
Photojournalist: news or documentary photographer.

Photographers are witnesses of historical, geographical, cultural, commercial or fashion developments — or simply the magic of a particular moment in time.
Fixed in an instant, their image can become a timeless part of a collective memory. Its influence might even become worldwide.

From the outset, Spéos has defined its training programs to allow the future photographers the best preparation possible to succeed within an increasingly international profession.

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The studio is a place to be reinvented for each and every shoot. It is the field of experimentation for any photographer wishing to learn how to control lighting, based on their observation and reproduction of the natural cycle of light.

Photojournalism and documentary photography have evolved with the tools and the technologies currently used by professionals: digital cameras, laptops, wireless communications, high-speed networks, and all the possibilities offered by the web. […]

Every photograph — irrespective of its category of reference (documentary, portrait, landscape…) — is the reflection of an individual’s sensitivity, the meeting point between a moment and an emotion.[…]