Tari Beroszi “La Espera”, Exhibition at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico

Tari Beroszi presents an art installation La Espera  (The Wait) at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico from February 13th to May 15th, 2015.

La Espera is an installation in which ninety photographic images cohabit a space alongside text excerpts and two empty chairs, evoking feelings such as absence and distance. La Espera tells a story, or rather, suggests one. This installation immerses the viewer in an intimate atmosphere filled with poetic images that make us forget everyday reality and create a scenario that captures the latent presence of the absent. The color red, meanwhile, imposes itself on the space. Just because we cannot see something does not mean it does not exist. What we are longing for, even if we do not see it, it is there.

After completing her B.A. in Visual Communication at the University of Puerto Rico Tari Beroszi   moved to Paris, to study photography at Speos Photographic Institute. In 2010, she completed her MFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Tari’s work has been exhibited in Puerto Rico, Paris, Hong Kong and the United States. At present, she works as a Professor of Photography in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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