Takayuki Hanafusa, “The fresco of Iheren”, photo exhibition in Japan

Takayuki Hanafusa presents a photo exhibition “The fresco of Iheren – Green Sahara revives after 5000 years” in Japan:
Tokyo:  September 17-21,2014 at Time Dome Akashi
Kyoto : October 9-13, 2014 at The Museum of Kyoto

The fresco of Iheren is a  prehistoric cave paintings executed there about 5000 years by pastors in the northwest part of Tassili n’Ajjer in the heart of the Sahara.On a rock surface of 3 meters by 9 meters, various scenes of the life of the pastoral people are depicted with extreme fineness.
The fresco of Iheren is not known by the public despite its highly appreciable artistic quality and its historical value.”This is the most authoritative work to date found in the Sahara, the masterpiece of Neolithic naturalist school.” (Henri LHOTE)

Mr. Hanafusa took more than 145 high resolution photos to be able to reproduce it in its actual size.

Takayuki Hanafusa is a Osaka based travel photographer very much devoted to the Sahara. Born in Japan, he received his B.A. in French Literature from Sophia University in 1978 and studied photojournalism at Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris from 2012-13.

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