Study photography in London - Spéos Photo School - © Rémi Salva

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Study photography in London - Spéos Photo School - © Spéos

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Study photography in London - Spéos Photo School - © Spéos

© Alain Beulé

London is one of the most international cities in the world. Over 400,000 students come to study each year from around 200 different countries. This makes it an incredibly diverse and vibrant place to study. Living in London gives students a chance to experience a new culture, a cosmopolitan way of life and a rich history. It is the place to be when looking for a culturally enriching study experience!

Choosing to study photography in London means having the opportunity to step foot in some of world’s most renowned libraries, museums, photo galleries and photo festivals. Many of which are free! London students have access to an astounding range of cultural activities, influences and inspirations.

The diverse landscapes of London create the perfect backdrop for photographers. From the high-rise buildings of the financial district to the creative neighborhoods of East London, from the River Thames to the numerous public parks – there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Teaching – All Spéos teachers are professional photographers and artists acclaimed in their fields. This gives a direct access to high quality teaching and advice from industry professionals all year round. Being in contact with the industry gives students the opportunity to network and be exposed to new perspectives and opportunities in the market.
Students at Spéos London have one-to-one time with teachers and the programs emphasize hands-on practice.
Read more about the Spéos team.

Skills – Spéos presents students with the opportunity to gain and develop an advanced professional skill set: technical skills for inside or outside shoots, learn how to direct a photographic vision, develop leadership skills by managing a team (make-up artists, hair artists, models, peers etc.) and effectively manage time. Students learn how to harness their creative energy and transfer it into an end image by understanding the evolution of an initial idea to an end result.
Spéos prepares students to meet the current market demands and gain a true understanding of what it takes to become a successful photographer.

Equipment – Students have access to Spéos’ modern, up-to-date and high-quality equipment inside and outside of the school. They learn about the different types of essential equipment and tools for a photographer and learn to use the 4×5 format camera.
Spéos London is equipped with Apple computers, Eizo calibrated screens, projectors, professional Epson printers, studio lights and equipment and a large selection of props to help stylize each of their shoots. Equipment is available for students to practice with outside of school hours such as portable flash kits. Students can use the infinity cove studio and equipment throughout the year.
They are required to purchase their own Digital DSLR camera in preparation for the course and to be able to shoot their personal projects.

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© Spéos

© Alain Beulé

Specialization – Spéos understands how important it is for a photographer to find their niche in an ever-growing market. This is why students can tailor their program and choose their specialization in the second semester. They have the opportunity to choose their major (either studio photography or photojournalism and reportage) and choose their supporting classes. All available classes can be found in the program specifications.

Spéos London is located in Camberwell, a creative community and a beautiful area, south of the city center, with tree lined roads and large Victorian houses. As well as all of the local pubs, restaurants and shops, it has a fantastic bus, overground and rail network to all parts of London.

Address: Spéos London, 8 Graces Mews, Camberwell, London SE5 8JF, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 207 703 6997
If you arrive by taxi or car, you can use the following address to find the school more easily: 77 Grace’s road, Camberwell, London SE5 8JF.
The nearest train station is Denmark Hill Overground.
Download the map to find Spéos London easily

To help you find your best route to the school you can use:

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© Spéos

© Alain Beulé

Students at Spéos London have the possibility to study in 5 months, 1 year or 2 years.
They can also choose to follow photography workshops during the summer.

5-month program

The Professional Photography Basics program in 5 months takes place once a year, in September.
This program is aimed for students who wish to study professional photography in London in a very intensive way.
> Professional Photography Basics in 5 months

Students have the possibility to continue to study in the long-term professional photography program of their choice, whether in London or in Paris.
Contact Spéos for more details.

1-year programs

> Professional Photography in 1 year

> Titre de Photographe (Photographer Title) RNCP level 7 in 1 year (please note the Expert Modules are taught in Paris only, at the end of the program) | To know more about the RNCP, click here

> European Master of Professional Photography in 1 year (please note the Expert Modules are taught in Paris only, at the end of the program)

> Blended Learning Professional Photography program

2-year programs

> Professional Photography in 2 years

> Titre de Photographe (Photographer title) RNCP level 7 in 2 years (please note the Expert Modules are taught in Paris only, at the end of the program)

> European Master of Professional Photography in 2 years (please note the Expert Modules are taught in Paris only, at the end of the program)

Photography workshops

> Discover the list of photography workshops in London

Students can complete half of their studies in Spéos London and half of their studies in Spéos Paris. The Paris campus is located in the east of Paris in the Bastille/République/Nation triangle. To find out more about studying in Paris, click here.

Spéos students graduate with the ability to work in all photographic fields, from fashion photography to photojournalism, to still life to documentary, from advertising to news and more.
The practical courses offered at Spéos give all of the necessary skills and abilities to be able to find work after studies.

Spéos is recognized by many sources as one of the best photography schools in the world, meaning that students can find work internationally.

There is an abundance of work opportunities in London in the photography industry.
Examples of some job prospects post Spéos are:

  • Photographer
  • Photographic Producer
  • Photo Editor
  • Curator
  • Post-Production
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer’s Assistant

Examples of websites to help find photography jobs after Spéos:

Students need to make sure they have enough funds for daily expenses in the UK such as accommodation, bills, food, equipment, daily travel and entertainment. When applying for a visa, proof may be needed to show your funding for the year.

Spéos recommends students to have approximately £400 a month for living expenses.
The cost of accommodation varies from £400 to more than £2,000 per month.

The student population in London is large and there are many student discounts to be found: on goods and services, bars and nightclubs, tours and events, galleries and museums and more.

The best way to travel around London is to buy a monthly Oyster Card that can be bought at any Underground station. This allows you to travel in London by bus, underground, overground, tram, some boats and even the Emirates Cable Car. The cost of the monthly Oyster card depends on the zones in which you want to travel.
More information can be found at:

There are plenty of housing possibilities in London such as student accommodation, flat shares and studio apartments. We provide all students with further information to help in their accommodation search.

A rough guide to housing prices in London are as follows:

  • A room to rent in a private house: £90-£150 per week
  • Studio (furnished): £200-£300 per week
  • A two-bedroom flat: £400-£500 per week

Spéos has set up a comprehensive Alumni Care Program to stay in touch with former students and promote their work all around the world.


Discover Spéos London, its premises and studio and what a shooting at school looks like:

Spéos London

Spéos London
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London SE5 8JF, United Kingdom
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