Spéos Photo Awards 2020: Winner Announcement

This year again, the school organized photo awards to showcase the work of the most talented students in the following categories: studio, photo reportage and personal work.

In 2020, the end of year jury awarded the prizes to the following students:

– Studio: Lekan Oredola
– Photo Reportage: Pedro Mendes Levier
– Personal work: Shulan Wang, Léa Naudon (ex aequo)

Lekan Oredola completed the Photographer RNCP in 2 years.
> See his portfolio online

Pedro Mendes Levier completed the Creative Documentary Course by Magnum Photos and Spéos
> See his portfolio online

Shulan Wang completed the European Master of Professional Photography in 1 year
> See her portfolio online

Léa Naudon completed the Professional Photography Program in 1 year at Spéos London
> See her portfolio online

The winners have been nominated by an independent jury of photography professionals.
The whole Spéos team warmly congratulates them!

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