Spéos opens its doors in Biarritz: discover the new workshops!

Spéos launches three new photography workshops in Biarritz, in the Southwest of France: a workshop in landscape photography and long exposure technique, a large format camera workshop, and an initiation to traditional photographic processes. The participants will be able to discover the richness and beauty of the light and the landscapes of Biarritz and the Spanish Basque Country.

Landscape and long exposure photography workshop

This workshop aims to acquire the best knowledge to photograph landscapes and to master the long exposure technique. The course will start with a theoretical training, then each day the participants will practice in small groups in the field. Images made during the day will be analyzed every evening to define personalized improvement objectives for the next day.

This course is led by Christophe Audebert, Spéos 2004 graduate. Professional photographer for 15 years, specialized in Corporate photography, he is the author of the books Les secrets du mouvement en photographie and Les secrets de la pose longue, published by Eyrolles.

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Large format camera workshop

The view camera brings us back to the origin of photography. Originally it used sensitive metal or glass plates, now replaced by film or digital backs. This workshop is intended for those who wish to acquire a new technique or to enrich their know-how that will enable them to stand out from other photographers. Participants will learn how to use a large format camera, which requires taking pictures one by one and brings a different aesthetics to those allowed by small and medium-format cameras.

This workshop is led by Philippe Bachelier, teacher at Spéos Paris and author of the reference book Noir & Blanc, de la prise de vue au tirage, published by Eyrolles in 1996 and regularly reissued since then. Philippe shares his discoveries and knowledge in the magazines Réponses Photo and Science & Vie Photo, where he publishes monthly articles.

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Initiation to traditional photographic processes

This workshop aims at discovering traditional processes and applying them to current digital practices.
It combines theory and practice with shoots and technical and artistic analysis of the images produced by the participants. Each participant will make several enlarged negatives of their images, which will then be printed in cyanotype with the possibility to vary their toning from blue to black to brown and violet – a whole world of possibilities depending on the paper and the toning chosen. After the workshop, the participants will be able to reproduce this simple and non-toxic method at home! They will leave with at least 10 “vintage” prints.

This workshop is led by Sabrina Biancuzzi, a photographer and engraver specialized in analog photography and traditional processes. Born in Belgium, she lives and works in Paris, where she teaches photography and transmits her passion for traditional processes through courses and workshops.

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