Spéos obtains the Qualiopi certification

In December 2021, Spéos obtained the Qualiopi certification, France’s quality label for training providers. In order to obtain this label, Spéos gathered all the necessary elements to demonstrate and prove its compliance with the indicators of the National Quality Reference System.

Qualiopi objectives

The “Qualiopi” label aims at

  • certifying the quality of the procedures implemented by training providers, so as to contribute to the development of skills,
  • allowing a greater transparency of the training offered to companies and clients.

As a training provider, Spéos thus meets the requirements of the National Quality Standard for the following categories of actions

  • training actions (OF – L.6313-1 – 1°)
  • actions allowing to validate the acquired work experience, i.e. “Validation des acquis de l’expérience” or VAE (VAE – L.6313-1 – 3°)

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The 32 indicators

The 32 indicators of the National Quality Reference Framework are grouped into 7 quality criteria:

  1. Conditions for informing the public about the services offered, the time required to access them and the results obtained.
  2. Precise identification of the objectives of the services offered, as well as their adaptation to the public, when the services are designed.
  3. Adaptation of the services and the reception, support, monitoring and evaluation methods implemented for the beneficiaries.
  4. Adequacy of teaching, technical and supervisory resources for the services provided.
  5. Qualification and development of the knowledge and skills of the staff responsible for implementing the services.
  6. The provider’s involvement and investment in their professional environment.
  7. Collection and consideration of feedback and complaints from stakeholders in the services provided.

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