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red/REVEAL, “105km2 – Paris ! Sombre feu ou pure étoile”

red/REVEAL will present “105km2 – Paris ! Sombre feu ou pure étoile” at the Spéos Gallery, 7 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris, from April 12 to May 12, 2022.

Opening of the exhibition: 12 April, from 6pm to 9pm.

This photographic exhibition is the result of various personal works around the city of love — the eternal city of light — which is Paris. Like a lighthouse, Paris attracts, as she did for us, thousands of souls, in search of something seemingly hidden.

We decided to confront our personal photographic experiences and point of views around this city with its unique look and outline. The images present our stories, above all, as foreigners who have arrived in Paris, filled with dreams and illusions.

red/REVEAL is a photographic collective formed in 2017 by Louise Cardon de Lichtbuer and Marieke Zapasnik, around a tea at “Au Chat Noir”. The collective is focussing on theme-based photography exhibitions with international photographers based in Paris.

The goal of the collective is to organise happenings going beyond gallery walls, using the artists’ works to open debates and discussions where everyone is welcome to express their opinions.

Today, we are presenting the work of 5 photographers, who met in 2016 when they entered Spéos to study photography:

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