Rajkumar Ranadeva Singh


After studying engineering, I went for a month-long vacation to the Ladakh region of India. During this trip, it occurred to me that I wanted to become a photographer and as I am always inclined to choose the most challenging field, I chose fashion photography!

Why Paris? It is the fashion capital and I was very curious about its artistic reputation. Spéos seemed to me the perfect school, with its Professional photography in 1 year program. Indeed, I wanted to be able to start my career quickly, I was already 26 years old at the time.

Above all, the Visual Identity class set apart Spéos compared to other schools. I owe a lot to this course and its teacher, who helped me find my artistic universe and to develop my already strong sense of detail.

Since October 2012, I am a professional photographer based in Paris. In 2013, I was the finalist for Prix PICTO Jeune Photographie de la Mode.

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