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Rajkumar Ranadeva Singh, “Décennie 2012-2022”

Rajkumar Ranadeva Singh will present “Décennie 2012-2022” at the Spéos Gallery, 7 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris, from 27th Sep – 4th Nov.

Opening of the exhibition: 27th Sep, from 6pm to 9pm.

“Décennie” (“decade”) is a selection of images made between 2012 and 2022, which represent the main body of Ranadeva’s work. It is a mix of fashion photography and landscapes, which share the same universe: strangeness. This often results from the framing, causing a peculiar atmosphere. Ranadeva’s photographic style depict his relationship to time and space.

This strange atmosphere echoes the artist’s constant reflection: “Is strangeness the key to longevity?” A strangeness within daily life, an everyday strangeness, in a familiar, often urbanised landscape.
A balance between what seems classical and yet carries us. A sensitive combination that allows the image to remain timeless, the key to longevity.

Ranadeva’s work is in opposition to current photography influenced by German neo-punk photographers, whose work he nevertheless admires. Alain Resnais’ film “Last Year at Marienbad” is one of his greatest sources of inspiration. Being on the fringe and adopting an elegance that has been brought up to date is a fine line, a delicate balance, which must not be lost.

Born in Imphal, India, in 1986, Ranadeva is a fashion photographer based in Paris.
He is a Spéos 2012 graduate from the Professional Photography in 1 year program.

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