Prix Picto de la Mode 2024: 3 finalists from Spéos!

Spéos warmly congratulates Jeanne Dubourg, Ksenia Usacheva, and Flaminia Reposi, all three Spéos graduates, who have been selected as finalists for the prestigious 2024 Picto Fashion Prize! Jeanne Dubourg and Ksenia Usacheva were already finalists in 2023.

About the Picto Fashion Prize

Since 1998, the Picto Fashion Photography Prize has been a benchmark distinction for emerging talents in the fashion industry. Three awards are given each year:

  • the Grand Picto Fashion Photography Prize,
  • the le19M Prize for Photography in Arts and Crafts, sponsored by Chanel’s Arts and Crafts,
  • the Filippo Roversi Prize supported by photographer Paolo Roversi.

For the 26th edition of the Picto Fashion Photography Prize, the Picto Foundation team announced 24 finalists from nearly 200 international submissions. This year’s jury will be chaired by Alexandre Mattiussi, Founder and Creative Director of AMI Paris.

The Palais Galliera, the Fashion Museum of the City of Paris, offers winners the opportunity to join its collection and exhibit in a space provided by the Picto Fashion Photography Prize.

Focus on Ksenia Usacheva

Ksenia Usacheva was born in 1991 in Uzbekistan to Russian parents. She spent most of her schooling in Khabarovsk in the Far East, then studied graphic design in Florence, Italy, in 2012. Returning to Russia, she pursued advanced photography studies with famous Russian photographers. She moved to Paris in 2013 where she completed a one-year professional photography program at Spéos.

Ksenia also specializes in fashion and children’s photography, collaborating with major French and international designers and participating in fashion show photoshoots behind the scenes of famous fashion houses. She travels the world to realize her photographic projects and garners international press coverage through numerous publications in national and international magazines. She held her first solo exhibition in September 2017 at the Arab World Institute.

Ksenia Usacheva’s work brings together various themes by blending her knowledge of painting with photographic technique. Her dreamlike vision, full of details and sometimes vibrant colors, is guided by a search for the sensitive, reflecting perfectly her perspective and imagination.

Focus on Jeanne Dubourg

Fashion photographer based in Paris, Jeanne Dubourg was born in 2002. She moved to Paris to pursue a two-year Entrepreneurial Photographer program at Spéos, which she completed in 2022. She then began working in a studio to delve deeper into the world of fashion photography.

Her work depicts dreamlike situations that highlight women. Drawn to the beauty of things and styling, she uses these elements to compose her photographs and tell stories. She likes to think of her images as confidences, allowing for the expression of deep thoughts, coupled with the intimacy she tries to establish with the viewer.

Focus on Flaminia Reposi

Born in Rome in 1995, Flaminia Reposi arrived in Paris in 2013, where she studied cinema while also pursuing photography studies at Spéos. Her photographs are inspired by surrealism, pop art, and dreaminess. These aspects are reflected in colorful images that are both poetic and quirky, where subjects reflect her reveries and inner images. Youth, femininity, and the body are also subjects often explored by the photographer.

Flaminia Reposi has participated in several group exhibitions, was a finalist for the 2019 Picto Fashion Prize, exhibited at the BnF as the “Coup de Coeur” of the 2019 Talent Grant in the Fashion and Transversality section, and won the first photo prize at the Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea di Salerno in 2021.

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