I was looking for a photography school whose program would be efficient – very focused on the practice of photography and retouching – and whose teaching would be provided by recognized professionals. What’s more, a school with professional equipment and enough space to work.
That’s exactly what I found at Spéos. I had the opportunity to freely use the studios to experiment and retouch at leisure on school computers, and I had the means to work much what we had studied during classes.

I had a wonderful experience at Spéos. The Professional Photography in 1 year Program allowed me to master the artificial light and gave me confidence in my artistic choices. The following year, I worked for modeling agencies. I was able to perfect the learning received at Spéos by releasing myself from the technique and be thus exclusively focused on coaching the model or models as well as on my artistic research.

I would recommend Spéos because, in this school, everything is done to succeed – human and material resources. The only very good learning at Spéos is not enough: it is also necessary to experiment, read and learn to express all its own individuality, its vision of the world.