Photojournalism and documentary photography have evolved with the tools and the technologies currently used by professionals: digital cameras, laptops, wireless communications, high-speed networks, and all the possibilities offered by the web.

The course work in photojournalism at Spéos aims to embrace these new dynamics as practiced by photojournalists covering stories for photo agencies and media clients – newspapers, magazines, and online content users.


Paris Match & Spéos

Discover the new and exclusive “Photo-reportage and Press Magazine” program in Paris. This new program is a 2-year long course and will be taught in French only.

Paris Match & Spéos

Magnum Photos & Spéos

Since 2015, Magnum Photos and Spéos Photo School have partnered to create a unique one-year master class for Creative Documentary & Photojournalism in Paris.

Magnum & Speos

Professional Photography in 1 year

Professional Photography in 1 year

Student Works in Photojournalism

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