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Program presentation

Spéos and the prestigious French fashion school ESMOD join their know-how to create an exclusive workshop in Fashion Photography and Styling. Aimed at fashion photography and styling enthusiasts, this workshop combines photography techniques with the practice of photo styling. It will take place from July 3 to 13, 2023. Courses are taught on the campuses of the two partner schools.

During this workshop, the participants will be introduced to Fashion Photography and Styling with Spéos and ESMOD, a private school that has been training fashion professions since 1841.
Objective: create striking images, in line with the DNA of a brand and according to a specific market – Sportswear, New Couture, Men’s Tailoring.

The course takes place over 9 days of intensive training. It combines:
– a theory part,
– 3 days of hands-on practice within a professional environment,
– 2 days of experimental teamwork between photographer and stylist.

The photo sessions take place in spacious facilities equipped with top-of-the-range equipment. Students are supervised by a team of professionals and creatives who share their know-how.

Students will benefit from spacious photo studios during their classes at Spéos.
ESMOD will provide the students’ collections for practical application on best terms.

Required level
Open to all.


  • History of Fashion Photography
  • Art production and acquisition
  • Brand DNA: how to define a brand’s visual identity
  • Technical approach to studio photography (lighting and framing)
  • Moodboard/Storyboard
  • Art direction
  • Studio practice/Introduction to fashion photography/Personal expression
  • Styling/Scripting
  • Fitting
  • Outdoor Photography

Next session: due to the Olympic Games to be held in Paris in July 2024, the next session will be postponed to the following year, in July 2025
Language of instruction: English only
Tuition: €2,450
Course duration: 9 days / 52 hours (43 hours of class + 9 hours of studio work)
Course locations: Spéos (75011 Paris) and ESMOD (75009 Paris)

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Participants must arrive with a digital SLR or mirrorless camera.

Enrollment and Contact

Registrations are open all year round and subject to availability.
Feel free to contact Spéos if you have any questions about this program.
At any time you are most welcome to come and visit the school, just make an appointment!