Photography training: how to prepare for the new school year

The beginning of the school year is a very intense time: new schedules, new classrooms, new instructors – many situations to adapt to that can quickly make you feel slightly overwhelmed.
Below are a few tips to help you prepare for the new school year with peace of mind.

Maintain your photography gear

To prepare ahead, what better way for photography enthusiasts to start than by reviewing the condition of their photography gear?
To maintain your camera, you must first remove all detachable parts, check that the battery is well charged and that the SD card is not full. It is also important to check that the camera is in perfect condition.

A few drops of lens cleaner on a cloth are enough to remove fingerprints and dirt that may have settled on the surface of the lens surface. Also, do make sure to store your equipment in a dry, dark place.

A computer is the second most used tool by any photographer. Image processing work requires a computer with special technical characteristics. To make sure that the equipment you own corresponds to the specific criteria of photo editing and retouching, please check a dedicated page that is available on the Spéos website.

Keep your admin up to date

At the beginning of the school year, you tend to be required to submit a lot of administrative documents: school insurance, social security, civil liability, identity photos, study certificate, and more. Organizing and preparing all these documents in advance allows you to start the school year in good conditions and to concentrate on the essential: your photography training.

Learn about your future profession

When you enroll in a photography program, this is first and foremost because you want to become a professional photographer. Being curious about the world of photography and the work of photographers allows you to open your horizons and to better understand the profession.
In this perspective, visits to galleries, museums, photographic exhibitions are good ways to build up a photographic culture, develop your artistic sense, and why not inspire new photo projects for the fall!

© Alain Beulé

Come and visit Spéos!

To follow a program in a photography school is rather different from a classic course in higher education. Learning different techniques within professional photography combines theory and practice, taught by a team of instructors consisting of photography professionals. This practice of photography is supervised by working photographers.

During the courses, students handle photo equipment, backgrounds, tripods, different types of lighting, in order to prepare their shots in photo studios. Learning the basics of photography by taking pictures in a studio allows the beginner in photography to progress quickly. The goal of the training at Spéos is to prepare students for the current demands of the market and to help them become accomplished photographers in their chosen field.

Visiting the school allows you to discover the premises, the studios and the equipment, and is undoubtedly the best way to familiarize yourself with your future way of working. This is why, in addition to the open days, Spéos offers throughout the year personalized visits by appointment to come and discover the school with a member of the team.

If you live abroad or if you are unable to travel, you can also discover the school from home thanks to a virtual visit.

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