Paris Match 2019 Student Photoreporting Prize: 2 Spéos winners in 2019!

In this year of the 70th anniversary of Paris Match, the 16th edition of the Grand Prix Photoreportage Étudiant – Paris Match in partnership with Puressentiel took an unexpected turn: 26 finalists for more than 80,000 candidates; 5 winners including 2 Spéos! Congratulations to the winners  Marilou Liotet and Antoine Martin.

This Prize aims to reward students’ curiosity and involvement in the world in which they live.

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Marilou Liotet, Spéos 2018 Alumni, won the Paris Match Trophy with her series “Trucker you said? ».
Marilou went on the road for a week with Justine, a young woman in her thirties, who is one of the few road users in France. She immersed herself in her daily life as a truck driver to understand this choice of life. Through the portrait of Justine who composes this photographic series, she evokes the strong and independent woman who overturns the clichés of a male world.

© Marilou Liotet “Camionneuse vous avez dit ?”

The Public Prize was awarded to Antoine Martin, Spéos 2019 Alumni, for his series “Mixed Martial Arts: Singular Values“.
Antoine followed Samir, a professional fighter in MMA, a controversial sport in France since training is allowed while competition is prohibited. His report aims to show that beyond its violent image, MMA is a sport open to all and requires real physical and mental preparation.

© Antoine Martin “Mixed Martial Arts”

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