Olivier Montay


After a long career in banking, I wanted to devote some time to photography. I chose Spéos because I had previously taken many “hobby” type courses and I wanted to go further, with professional learning including not only photographic technique, but also the history of photography, its market and its environment.

This is what I found and really appreciated at Spéos: students do not only learn photography, they learn first of all to become photographers. The few months spent at the school, the interactions with professional speakers, and the students with whom I stayed in contact convinced me to go further. Today, I spend less and less time on my old profession, and more and more towards my activities as a professional photographer. The two are not incompatible, since my former colleagues are the first customers of the photo studio I have created.

Thanks to the basics transmitted by our teachers in the Professional Photography Fundamentals course, I continue to learn, to explore new techniques, and most importantly I now view the world differently with an eye for detail and unusual situations. And it’s much more interesting!

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