Moscow International Foto Awards 2020: 1 Spéos winner!

The Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) aims to recognize, reward and showcase talented photographers from around the world and introduce them to the creative community in Russia.
In 2020, Julien Rieutort was awarded at the MIFA: he won the Bronze in the Fine Arts/Special Effects category for his series “The Call“. He explains :

« According to several cosmologists and physicians, there would not be one but several universes; parallel universes. A theory that has fascinated both scientists and the collective imagination. Amongst them, was Stephen Hawking. He dedicated a part of his life to the study of this theory. In a posthumous article, he claimed that it would be possible to detect these other universes thanks to the presence of radiations in our own universe.“The Call” is a fiction in which I search for the marks of these radiations. Luminous doors then appear, like crossing points to these parallel universes. »

Julien Rieutort is a 2019 graduate of Spéos’ Professional Photography in 1 year program.

Last year, two graduates of Spéos were also rewarded by the MIFA 2019.

© Julien Rieutort

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