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Millennium Images / Milim Gallery | “All we know is the sound of culture”

Millennium Images / Milim Gallery  present All we know is the sound of culture à la Galerie Spéos – 7 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris.
Exhibition from February 19th to March 15th, 2013 .

The exhibition All we know is the sound of culture  constitutes a further exploration of the tension between man and nature, reflecting on themes such as alienation and freedom, constriction and escapism, artifice and instinct.
Here the word ‘culture’ is understood on the one hand as device that the man utilizes in order to produce a visible appropriation of the landscape; on the other hand it reminds the inherent quality of the photographic gaze.

From Vincent Rubin’s claustrophobic landscapes of dark escalators, to Urasha Jakkachaphol’s poetic contemplation of horizons at different day time, the exhibition purposes a multifaceted perspective around the contemporary man and the space he inhabits. The exhibition features works of established and emergent photographers such as Fred Lebain, Franck Juery, Thierry Clech, Estelle Lagarde, Urasha Jakkachaphol, Vincent Rubin, Andrew Kovalev and Alexey Blagutin.

This exhibition comes as a result of a long collaboration between Millennium Images and Speos International Photography School, with the aim to enrich and connect the experiences of ex-Speos students and Millennium contributors.

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