Meritxell Cortés


After working in research for 10 years, I realized it was not making me happy anymore. That is why I decided to quit and study photography in Spéos. I had been studying photography for myself for years but I wanted to do a technical formation in order to well establish the basis and take my photography to the next level.

I chose Spéos because they have a very complete year program, and for me the possibility of getting the skills I need to work in photography in an intense year formation was a plus. During the Professional photography in 1 year program I improved my technical skills, experimenting with lighting and different ways of taking pictures in order to start developing my own style.

During the Expert Modules I learn about photography as a business which is as important as having the technical skills. We learned about how to show our work and how to get clients but also about copyright laws, the different status a photographer can have, we got to know a lot of professional photographers who came to the school to talk about their different experiences.

The school is a multicultural place where you get to know people from all over the world. Working with people from different cultures and different styles is very enriching. Besides living in Paris as a student is a one-time life experience!

My background in science helps my work in the field of scientific photojournalism. I also work for private clients, some of which have found me through the school. In my personal work I have two different directions. I like to experiment with old process techniques which keeps me involved with chemistry. I also like to take pictures of staged situations to express certain feelings or ideas.
Actually one of this projects that I did in the school in collaboration with another colleague was recently selected to be exposed in Byopaper in the rencontres d’Arles and I also had an article published in Fisheye Magazine.

I recommend Spéos to anyone who wants to start a career in photography and who is willing to work hard. The intensive program demands a lot of work but you also learn and improve your skills very fast.

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