Mark Grosset-SAIF Prize 2022: a winner from Spéos

© Ricardo Tokugawa

Ricardo Tokugawa, a graduate of Spéos, won the special mention of the jury of the Mark Grosset-SAIF Prize, awarded during the 2022 edition of the Promenades Photographiques.
Congratulations to Ricardo for this great prize!

About the winning photo series

Awarded by a jury of professionals, the Mark Grosset-SAIF Prize promotes young photographers from international photography schools. It aims to show a new horizon and expose contemporary views of the new generation.

With the photographs of his series “Utaki”, Ricardo Tokugawa knew how to touch the jury which was composed this year of:

  • Fannie Escoulen, head of the Department of Photography of the Ministry of Culture,
  • Pierre Ciot, president of the SAIF,
  • Aurélia Marcadier, director of Photo Saint Germain,
  • Nathalie Marchetti, from the newspaper Libération,
  • William Daniels, photographer.
    The jury was chaired by Marc Simon, member of the board of directors of Promenades Photographiques.

“Utaki “is a Japanese term that translates the idea of a holy place, generally located in the middle of nature: a cave or a mountain, accessible to only a handful of individuals. This look at the sacred takes a look at Ricardo Tokugawa’s roots in investigating family and home, concepts that are embedded in Japanese culture.

About the winner

A Brazilian photographer of Japanese descent, Ricardo Tokugawa completed Spéos Professional Photography in 2 years course in 2019.

He participated in the 4th season of the TV program “Arte na Fotografia”, from Canal Arte1, with Cláudio Feijó and Eder Chiodetto as mentors. Based in Paris, Ricardo also participates in the European Union’s training program for the preservation and valorization of photographic archives, with partners from European countries, including the Magnum Endowment Fund.

Learn more about Ricardo Tokugawa’s work:
Website: https://ricardotokugawa.com/
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/rick.tkgw
Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/rick.tkgw/

About the Promenades Photographiques

Every year since 2005, about 30 photographers and professional visual artists are exhibited in Blois, Vendôme and Sargé-sur-Braye, in the Centre-Val de Loire Region (France). The Promenades Photographiques are an invitation to discover during 2 months all the fields of photography of yesterday and today.

In 18 years, more than 900 artists have been exhibited, indoors and outdoors. The festival reveals photographers from all over the world and new subjects.

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