Marieke Zapasnik

Switzerland – Great Britain

At my arrival at Spéos, I was already doing photography for about 8 years. But I knew that I needed to push further and deepen my approach, especially in documentary photography. I entered the school because, at the time, except of the school in Arles, Spéos was the only one that had a photojournalism specialization. I followed the Professional photography in 1 year program, specialization photo reportage.

My time at Spéos taught me to get out of my comfort zone. The people I’ve met, teachers and students alike, made my photography evolve, taught me move forward fearlessly.

Today, thanks to this period of my life, I feel more capable to accomplish my projects, to go deeper and to meet others. I’ve also learned that I shouldn’t wait for opportunities to come to me, but to create them, and seize them at the maximum.
I am proud of the 2017 batch, the people that shared my journey and shared paths!

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