Mariam Medvedeva, Foam Talent 2015

Mariam Medvedeva takes part in the Foam Talent 2015 exhibition, from 11 November to 20 December 2015, at the Atelier Néerlandais, Paris.

Organised annually by Foam Magazine, to discover young talents in photography, Talent Call is an international competition that is open to artists under the age of 35. Each year, the Talent Issue of Foam Magazine features the portfolio of winning photographers. The Foam Talent 2015 exhibition brings together the work of 21 artists selected from submissions coming from 67 different countries.

Medvedeva presents her latest series When you are dead, the pose you take doesn’t matter anymore.
“I wanted to show dead animals in human poses, a little theatre where characters play in a paradoxical direction: they are actually dead but act as if they were alive; a sort of caricature of humanity.”

Mariam Medvedeva was born in Moscow in 1985. After studying art in Russia, she graduated from Speos in 2013 and currently lives in Paris.

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