Interested in photography since childhood, the choice to pursue this passion later in life came intuitively. And so, in 2016 I chose to deepen my knowledge at Spéos, enrolling in the Professional Photography in 2 years, specialization photo reportage.

My time at Spéos has taught me all the necessary techniques needed when it comes to professional photography. And just as important, it provided me and my classmates to connect with passionate and skilled people already working in the industry. My work improved a lot and these exchanges, as well as the classes at Spéos, encouraged and guided me to present my photography work for many different contests and grants.

To name some of my personal favorite highlights: receiving the Belgian Journalistic Foundation Grant, and having my work exhibited in Paris, London, Tel-Aviv, Antwerp thanks to the contests I have enrolled in.
The school guides you through all the essential steps needed to start or perfect your skills to become a professional photographer.

Today my photography work has evolved, and I shoot mainly portraits and yoga. With the skills I learned at Spéos, I was able to define and develop my personal style and visual identity over the years.