Nohémy Adrian
Art director, Denoël Publisher.

Aslon Arfa
Iranian photojournalist.

Patrick Artinian
French freelance photographer represented by Contact Press Images.

Jane-Evelyn Atwood
American documentary photographer, represented by VU’ Agency.

Christophe Audebert
Freelance corporate photographer.

David Balicki
Freelance portrait photographer.

Vanessa Batut
Production Manager for Trend Union, Bloom and View on Colour magazines.

Marc Beaussart
Still life photographer.

Jean-Christophe Béchet
Assistant editor of Réponses Photo Magazine.

Dimitri Beck
Chief editor of Polka Magazine.

Nadia Benchalal
Freelance photographer represented by Contact Press Images.

Tari Beroszi 
Artist and photographer.

Nathalie Bocher-Lenoir
Chief of the Picture Section for the publishing group SEJER-EDITIS.

Samuel Bollendorff
French photojournalist and web documentaries director, represented by VU’ agency

Jean Gabriel Bouchaud
Photographer, painter, writer, ferrotype collector.

Boye Camara
Director international at PhotoAlto agency.

Armelle Canitrot
Head of Photo Department for French daily newspaper La Croix.

Julien Cassagne
Editor in chief of, FreeLens vice-president.

Jim Casper 
Director of Lens Culture and FotoFest Paris.

Erina Cavalli 
Fashion stylist.

Gilles Chip 
Art director, Gutenberg agency.

Aline Cochard 

John Conley
Photographe de mode.

Magali Corouge 
French photojournalist, member of the collective Documentography.

Gabriella Cseh
Hungarian photographer

Christophe Cufos

Didier de Faÿs 
Director of

Philippe Deblauwe
Managing director of Picturetank.

Antoine Doyen

Edward Earle
Curator, International Center of Photography (ICP).

Patrick Fournial
Freelance photographer.

Mélanie Frey
French freelance photographer, member of Fedephoto.

Vincent Gapaillard
Still life photographer for luxury brand.

Eric Gidel
Public accountant, Comptarévise.

Albert Giordan
Beauty and commercial photographer.

Denis-Pierre Guidot
Business development manager Adobe France.

Roman Härer
Creative director, Plainpicture agency.

Nicolas Héron
Picture editor for Elle International.

Beatrice Kagan
Art buyer.

Nicolas Khayat
Freelance photographer.

Frédérique Laffont
Photo agent.

Marie Lelièvre
Picture editor for French daily newspaper Le Monde.

Philippe Lissac
Photographer and Godong photo agency founder.

Ludovic Maillard

Souad Mechta
Freelance picture researcher. Member of ANI – the French association for photo buyers.

Alex Michanol
Photo producer.

Pascal Moncapjuzan
Art director, BETC agency.

Bruno Morandi
Freelance photographer.

Marta Nascimento
Brazilian photojournalist specialized in social issues, works for the agency REA, Paris.

Hervé Petit
Consultant, director of Bridge Europe.

Emmanuel Pierrat
Lawyer specialized in copyright.

Cécile Pognot
Art director, Gutenberg agency.

Frédéric Reglain
Freelance photographer.

Dorothea Resch

Frédéric Rougier
Art director, Lowe Strateus adverising agency.

Michael Roulier
Food photographer.

Paolo Roversi
Fashion photographer.

Philippe Schlienger
Studio photographer and president of UPP (Union des Photographes Professionnels).

Jason Shenai
Director of Millennium Images agency.

Pascale Thiébot
Digital photo retoucher.

Jean-François Vibert
Freelance photographer and consultant.