© Philippe Bachelier, photos taken in Scotland, Biarritz and the Basque Country

Workshop presentation

The view camera brings us back to the origins of photography, using sensitive metal or glass plates, now replaced by film or digital backs. Large format film starts with 9 x 12 cm but can go up to 50 × 60 cm. The large format camera workshop is intended for those who wish to acquire new techniques or to enrich their know-how that will enable them to stand out from other photographers. Participants will learn how to use large format cameras, which requires taking pictures one by one, and result in a different aesthetics to the one allowed by small and medium-format cameras (from 24 × 36 mm to 6 × 9 cm). Last but not least, they will also be able to discover the richness and beauty of the lights and landscapes of Biarritz and the Spanish Basque Country.

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