© Christophe Audebert, photos made during previous workshops (Biarritz, Mont Saint Michel, Étretat, Faroe Islands).

Workshop presentation

This workshop aims at acquiring skills and knowledge on how to photograph landscapes and to master the long exposure techniques. Starting with a theoretical introduction, the participants will practice every day in small groups on location. Images made during the day will be analyzed at night to define personal improvement objectives for the next day. Last but not least, participants will be able to discover the richness and beauty of the lights and landscapes of Biarritz and the Spanish Basque Country.

Next sessions: 29th of May-2nd of June, 2023 ; 5-9 June, 2023
Campus: Biarritz (South-West of France)
Language of instruction: English, French
Tuition: €3,500 (accommodation and meals in the premises of Spéos Biarritz included)
Logistic information: please contact Spéos

Day 1
Arrival of participants on site.
Starting at 2pm, theoretical training to begin: theory on landscape photography, point of view, composition, depth of field applied to landscapes, examples of long exposure photos, impact on exposure time, appropriate subjects, necessary equipment (ND filters, tripod, remote control), 10-step shooting sequence, post-production process specific to long exposure images.

Days 2-3-4
In the morning, practice of landscape and long exposure photography in a venue near Biarritz. Application of the 10-step shooting sequence.
Lunch (picnic).
In the afternoon, practice of landscape and long exposure photography in a new venue near Biarritz and the Spanish Basque Country. Application of the 10-step shooting sequence.
Analysis of the photos made during the day.

Day 5
Between 9am and 11am, practice of landscape and long exposure photography in a new venue near Biarritz.
11am-12pm: overall debriefing. Lunch. End of the workshop at around 2pm.

Participants should ideally bring the following equipment:
– A SLR or mirrorless camera with B (bulb) mode
– A wide-angle zoom (16-35 mm or similar) and/or a trans-standard zoom (24-70 mm or similar)
– An ultra-zoom 70-200 mm (or similar)
– A 10 stop ND filter (ND 1000) and if possible a 12 or 13 stop ND filter: circular or rectangular with filter-holder. Do not buy a variable ND filter (quality problem). For those who do not have any ND filter, we recommend to buy the Nisi kit (4 filters : 3-6-10 et 15 stops)
– A wireless or wired remote control
– A sturdy tripod
– 2 to 3 batteries
– 2 to 3 optical cloths
– 2 to 3 memory cards
– A robust photo bag
– A laptop with Lightroom and/or Photoshop
– A USB stick
– A smartphone (with an application for calculating exposure times and possible triggering on the smartphone)
– Semi-warm clothing, rain jacket, hiking shoes

A Spéos graduate 2004, Christophe Audebert has been a freelance professional photographer for more than 15 years, specializing in corporate photography. Next to teaching the landscape and long exposure photography workshop, he also leads photo trips to Mont Saint Michel, Étretat and the Faroe Islands.

Christophe is the author of the books Les secrets du mouvement en photographie and  Les secrets de la pose longue, published by Eyrolles. The second book is also available in German and Italian.

Christophe has obtained several international awards, as a winner or a finalist: Arte Laguna in Venice, IPA (International Photo Awards), PX3 (Paris Photography Prize), ND Awards (Neutral Density Awards), IPOTY (International Photographer of the Year), The BlankGallery (Athens), Les Photographies de l’Année (France).

Enrollment and Contact

Registrations are open all year round and are subject to availability.
Feel free to contact Spéos if you have any questions about this photography program.
At any time you are most welcome to come and visit the school, just make an appointment!