Laetitia Dumez


I’ve always used images as a powerful medium for self-expression. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Art Direction and Graphic Design, I worked in a photo gallery in Paris. This opportunity gave me the initial push to become a photographer.

I wanted to learn the techniques, explore the possibilities of photography and refine my ambitions. Spéos offered everything I was looking for in a condensed training program. Since I wanted to study in English and London appealed to me, I went to Spéos London. After graduation, I stayed for 5 more years.

Thanks to this course, I acquired solid skills and knowledge to start my career. The year at Spéos wasn’t just about studying, it was about meeting my peers and knowing that I could count on the staff for support.

I’m now working as a freelance photographer between Paris and London. My first exhibition will take place at the Spéos Gallery, marking one of my milestones.

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