Juliana Manara

Brazil, UK

I was living in Sao Paulo/Brazil after graduating in communication and media, I had a camera and as an emerging amateur photographer I started to get some freelance jobs. I then realized that photography was something I wanted to specialize into and I needed to learn more to be able to became a professional!

Paris was a city that attracted me by the cultural and inspiring life style and it’s also famous for its creative schools and Spéos is part of it. The reason I chose Spéos, instead of another institution, was because it provided a complete photography program (in a shorter time then universities with the Professional Photography in 1 year program) exploring all the areas of the fields that help students to identify themselves and experiment a bit of everything before specializing in one area.

I had an amazing year at Spéos and it is one of my favorite memories. I learned a lot of lighting techniques from studio, printing and computer imaging and visual identity changed the way I see photography. I developed a new photographic style what I thought was never possible. I had lectures with 2 well known photographers (Paolo Roversi and Bettina Rheims) and listening to their advices and experiences through their amazing careers brought me a lot.

I felt in love with fine art photography and I realized it was a possible career: it opened my mind to create more personal projects.I had my first artwork sold during Spéos end-of-the-year Exhibition and a first award from an assignment project I developed during the classes!

Such recognition wouldn’t be possible or wouldn’t happen if I were not enrolled. It changed my direction completely.

In 2014 Spéos invited me to lecture at London (where I live now) and it has been also another great experience to teach and share all I have learned through all those years.

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