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Joseph J. Ferretti Jr. “tech / topographics: Photographs of the Silicon Valley”

Joseph J. Ferretti Jr.’s exhibition tech/topographics at the Spéos Gallery – 7 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris, from April 5 to May 6, 2016.

tech/topographics: Photographs of the Silicon Valley

“The Silicon Valley is known throughout the world as the cradle of technological innovation. From the development of the transistor and integrated circuit through the era of Steve Jobs and personal computers, it has become a place as much mythological as real.
Now home to some of the world’s most profitable multinational corporations, the wealth generated and political power accumulated in this small geographic region is of a growing concern to critics who are beginning to question the influence wielded by and a future dominated by a handful of these “tech” companies.
With an interest in the New Topographics movement, and inspired by the work of Lewis Baltz, I set out to record, with a camera, the environs of these companies that have become so ubiquitous in our lives. It is my hope that these images provide some insight into the phenomena of this place and time.
This project is dedicated to the memory of my mother Marilene, who lived and worked in the Silicon Valley, and with special thanks to my wife Muriel for her assistance and encouragement throughout the project.”

Joseph J. Ferretti Jr. Born 1961 Redwood City, California. Attended Spéos 2009. He currently resides in France.

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