Chloe Lodge

British, lives in New Zealand

After a decade working in the event management industry, I realized it was time to follow my dream of becoming a photographer. I set about looking for a comprehensive, intensive course to support my move into the market of professional photography. The Spéos program was exactly what I was looking for and it delivered in spades.

The Professional Photography in 1 year course in Paris gave me a fantastic foundation, however, it was the Expert Modules which truly took me to a whole other level. The knowledge and confidence I gained meant that I was able to begin my business as soon as I finished and turn a profit within the first two years of establishing in a country I’d never lived or worked in before. I have since relocated countries five times since my studies in Paris and have successfully created businesses in each new market. I believe this is largely down to the basic principles and artistic growth I experienced at Spéos. I have go on to win awards and have also recently written my first book ‘For the Love of the Photograph’, an educational and inspirational guide.
> See Chloe Lodge & the WYWH Collaborative exhibition at the Spéos Gallery

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