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Can Sariçoban, “At the edge of Karadeniz”

Can Sariçoban presents “At the edge of Karadeniz”  at the Speos Gallery – 7 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris.

Exhibition from June 4th to June 30th, 2014.

At the edge of Karadeniz” is Can Sariçoban’s second solo exhibition on landscapes of the Black Sea on the shores of north-eastern Turkey. The plateaux and mountains of the Black Sea region provide us with a different universe for landscape photography. In this isolated cosmos – far away, wet, with clouds and fog limiting our visibility to a few meters – one can feel the loneliness of human life and its wonders…
“Karadeniz” is a compound word of “Kara” (Black) and “Deniz” (Sea) in Turkish, which not only defines the Black Sea but also the north-central and north-eastern region of Turkey. The Black Sea region is one of the seven regions of Turkey and includes almost all of the provinces bordering on the Black Sea. It is an area with numerous mountains and plateaux, where people are well adapted to the conditions of nature. The Black Sea coast receives the greatest amount of rain in Turkey and throughout the whole year.

Can Sariçoban was born September 21, 1987 in Istanbul. In 2004, he studied chemistry and developed a genuine interest in the visual arts, including film and photography. In 2009, he moved to Paris to do a Masters in Photography at Speos. He regularly works as a fashion photographer at Paris Fashion Week and various organizations, while continuing his personal fine art work.

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