As part of the “Mois de la Photo 2014”, Fetart presents the Fetart School Factory, an event that takes place in Paris from November 18th to 30th at the Galerie 59 Rivoli.

Since its creation in 2005, the mission of the Fetart Association is to help young photographers enter the professional world by giving them the opportunity to showcase their work.
Among others, Fetart has hosted the Festival Circulation(s), allowing many promising talents to establish themselves within the art market.

The program Fetart School Factory offers several highlights involving 7 recent graduates from French photography schools. Among the Speos alumni, Fetart has selected Brian du Halgouet (Speos 2013-14).

Moonlight is a series taken in Brittany between midnight and 2am during full moon nights. Brian du Halgouet’s work under these special lighting conditions shows the intense impact of moonlight on the night scenery.
Difficult to see with the naked eye, the interaction of the stars and the moon becomes visible, transforming our familiar sights into a new world with its own peculiar atmosphere. Intensified by the Breton fog, the atmosphere reveal silhouettes, shadows … resulting in pastel colors within a starry sky.

A native of Brittany, Brian du Halgouet has lived in Paris for over 10 years. Graduating from Speos Paris Photographic Institute, he explores with his camera various neighborhoods and captures graphic aspects, perspectives and urban contrasts. Combining analog and digital photography, he is sensitive to emotions, looks and faces of people who happen to cross his path. Vacillating between documentary and fine art photography, he aims at capturing his own vision of the world.