Become a freelance photographer

To become a freelance photographer requires determination, perseverance and planning. To be successful, it is important to have a long-term vision for your business, set clear goals and put a plan into place to achieve them. Here are some tips to help you become a professional freelance photographer.

Acquire and develop technical skills

It is important to start by learning the basics of photography, such as composition, exposure and focus. You then need to become familiar with different types of cameras and lenses, before exploring shooting techniques specific to the type of photography you want to create.

Build a Professional Portfolio

An essential tool for finding and convincing clients, the portfolio showcases your work by reflecting your personal style, demonstrating your skills and illustrating your domain in photography (social photography, wedding photography, portraiture, beauty or still life photography). Your images should be carefully selected and presented. It is recommended to publish your portfolio online on dedicated websites to make yourself visible on the market, as well as to create a website of your own.

Create your professional network

To become a freelance photographer, it is important to make yourself known to potential clients and to establish professional contacts with other photographers, magazines and advertisers. You equally need to gain substantial online visibility on social media and networks.

Manage your business

Being a freelance photographer also means knowing how to manage your own business in all its administrative and legal aspects: accounting, tax returns, customer relations, contributions to the social security system for artists, etc. You will also have to choose your company name, your status (photographer-author, photographer-craftsman, auto-entrepreneur status, etc.), the legal entity (individual limited liability company, single person limited liability company, for example).

To keep up with the market, it is necessary to keep an eye on the latest trends and technologies. This will allow you to continue to develop and maintain your competitiveness.

Be flexible and adapt to client needs

A freelance photographer must know how to listen to client requests, give them artistic and technical advice and guidance to meet their demands. Flexibility, adaptation and agility are the keywords to face unexpected situations and to be able to find solutions quickly.

Become a professional photographer with Spéos

Spéos offers various training courses ranging from a simple one-week photography course (initiation and improvement) to 3-year courses. The long courses to become professional photographers allow you not only to master all the photographic techniques and vocabulary (blurs, hyperfocus, sharpness zone, depth of field, backlighting, focal length, shutter release, autofocus, wide-angle, rule of thirds, etc.), but also all the stages of shooting and image processing.

Visiting the school allows you to discover the premises, the studios and the equipment. In addition to the open days, throughout the year, Spéos offers guided tours by appointment to discover the school with a member of the team.

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