April Wiser


After completing my BFA in photography in the States, I decided it was time for a new challenge elsewhere. I discovered the Fashion Photography program and I found it interesting in terms of the curriculum and instruction, not to mention learning in one of the fashion capitals of the world was quite thrilling. Studying fashion photography in Paris has its advantages.

The program provides a huge network of make-up artists, designers and stylists to collaborate with, which will give you a professional portfolio at the end of the year. Having a lot of the technical skills already, my focus was finding my visual voice, and the guidance was very useful in helping me pinpoint that. Another great aspect is guest lectures by iconic fashion photographers living in the city and being able to ask them questions about their experiences or for advice.

Spéos has created lifelong friendships, connections and bonds. I’m in touch with quite a few people still to this day. It ended up being a very rewarding experience that changed my life completely, as I still live in Paris now!
> See April Wiser’s exhibition with Foto Femme United at the Spéos Gallery

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