Anna Shumanskaia


I had always wanted to become a professional photographer and it was probably a hand of fortune that led me to the stand of Spéos at the Salon des Étudiants in Paris (we went there to look for the school for my daughter). The girl representing Spéos was Russian and I didn’t speak any French at that time! It was a pure intuition choice, which I’m really happy about!

I enrolled in The Entrepreneurial Photographer in 2 years program, in French, having studied the language for 9 months only. It was a real challenge for me! I found myself in a new world with the discovery of technical terms which I didn’t know even in Russian! But thanks to the friendly teachers and groupmates I started feeling at ease. My favourite part of studying was shooting in the studio, which permitted me to express my imagination without limits! Photojournalism part was very interesting and inspiring too! Photoshop, Visual Identity, Visits of Exhibitions, Printing Techniques…
Everything was new and magical for me! So it was a wonderful period which began a new chapter of my life.

Since that time I have been participating in different exhibitions and International Art Events. I have also been working as a freelance photographer for the press and individuals and have had two personal projects published in photo books.

My Spéos life was fantastic and I recommend it to those who want to turn their photography passion into a profession.

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