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Anna Paola Pizzocaro, “Unanswered Prayers”

Anna Paola Pizzocaro presents “Unanswered Prayers” at the Speos Gallery – 7 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris.

Exhibition from September 23rd to October 25th, 2013.

The images on view represent a tale, a dreamlike journey through reality and fantasy, juxtaposing human figures and animals against the interior rooms of apartments or the cityscapes of New York. In this parallel universe a tide runs through them, creating a consistent topic and calling to mind the legendary story of the Great Flood. The house thus becomes Noah’s Ark, a metaphor of the real world. Arresting images of destruction but also hope resonate with the title of the exhibition. Some images are calm and placid, others more tempestuous – each work expresses an emergency based on imminent natural disaster in this “Journey-Flood”, in which humans, flamingos, monkeys, zebras, polar bears and many other species are immersed in a real world that gets increasingly flooded by the virtual, looking for salvation.

Anna Paola Pizzocaro was born in Italy. She moved to France for her studies in cinema (ENSAD) and photography (Speos Alumni 2008), worked for David LaChapelle in NYC, and today focuses mainly on her own photographic projects in fine art and commercials.

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