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Alexey Blagutin | “Palilalia”

Alexey Blagutin presents Palilalia  at the Speos Gallery – 7 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris.
Exhibition from October 2nd to November 2nd, 2012.

Palilalia – is the repetition or echoing of one’s own spoken words. It can be a complex tic and may sound like stuttering.
Palilalia is a series of black and white photo-graphs taken in Paris between 2010 and 2012. The images are followed by fragments of the author’s handwritten diary made during the same time period. The two parts are placed in the same frame to create a dialogue which illustrates usual city life. It shows everyday scenes turning into inappropriate questions. It is all about a constant quest for meaning, which might not even exist, in each and every moment of life. It is an obsessed pursuit that might have no end. Palilalia is about looking for the rescue in nature’s energy and silence.

Alexey Blagutin‘s interest in photography began during his studies in medical school, when his parents gave him his first camera. Fascinated by the way how a simple print of reality can evoke strong emotions and feelings, he decided to dedicate parts of his life to learn how it all works. In 2010, after graduating from the Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK), Alexey moved to Paris. After finishing Speos in August 2011, he joined SOME/THINGS agency.
The Palilalia series is part of his personal work, a visual diary of his two first years in Paris.

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