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Program presentation

This program is dedicated to the future image-makers using studio photography and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to build the images for the luxury and the beauty industry. This program takes place once a year in Paris, with intake in January.

3D imagery is becoming more and more important in some areas of advertising photography. Photographers thus have to acquire and develop multiple skills: from shoots in the studio to specific work on light and textures, through modeling to rendering and 3D animation.
The Photography, Image-Making and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Program comprises all facets of a rather complex domain. Students will learn to master the most commonly used software as well as all the essentials of advertising photography in the studio.
The program gives an overview of all the skills necessary to become a Image-Maker who thrives in the industry of luxury and beauty.

Next session: January-June 2022
Campus: Paris
Language of instruction: English, French
– France, UK, EU nationals: €9,200
– International students: €11,200
Diploma: Spéos School Certificate

Course description

3 hours/week
This course is dedicated to the acquisition of the technique essential in studio shoot, as well as the treatment of digital images.
– the Stop-System,
– different types of lighting,
– the general principles of balanced light sources,
– as well as different types of cameras, from 35mm to the large format.

An introduction to the “Style and Composition” class will initiate the students to the notions of style and composition in professional photography.

2h hours/week
The weekly sessions aim at honing the students’ studio skills on special and complex objects, so as to get a better understanding of the decomposition of materials and their reactions to light. Students thus need to understand the volume / design ratio. They learn to manage various levels and angles, and perform advanced work on those objects. This will allow them to master the interaction between real images and 3D images, so as to be able to develop projects of their own.

2 hours/week
During this course, students learn the basics of art direction, aesthetics and CGI. Basic notions of design and the structure of objects are analyzed: 3D observation, 3D essentials, as well as artistic direction.

3 hours/week
With the Houdini 3D software, students practice image modeling, shading (texture mapping), light for the first rendering, as well as the compositing of still images.
Subsequently, they deepen their techniques by practicing advanced modeling (organic, creation of materials, light), so as to move towards animation and the compositing, rendering and editing of complex and organic objects.

3 hours/week
In line with the acquisition of studio shooting techniques, this course gives participants an overview of the different digital post-production techniques allowing them to process and enhance their images. It aims at

  • understanding the main parameters and formats of digital images
  • learning to process Raw files in a professional way with the Adobe Lightroom Classic CC development tool
  • deepening the participants’ post-production skills with Adobe Photoshop CC: non-destructive workflow through adjustment layers, knowledge of layer masks and selections, basic retouching

2 hours/week
This course will help photographers to manage their image stock with guidance on how to caption a picture, to assign the right key-words, to fill in the IPTC data. All of these are essential for any photographer to locate their pictures and to have them published. Furthermore, the course willcover the following topics:

  • add value to a photo stock with a good knowledge of captioning and keyword management
  • find sources of information for photographers
  • know the photo market
  • develop your visibility on the internet, design an online portfolio, know how to use social network for photographers

Enrollment and contact

Registrations are open all year round and are subject to availability.
You can send your application via the online Enrollment form.

Feel free to contact Spéos if you have any questions about this program:

  • Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 09 18 58
  • Email: info[@]speos.fr
  • Skype: speos-admissions01

At any time you are most welcome to come and visit the school, just make an appointment!

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